PINK LIP MASK - The Rain Maya Collection
PINK LIP MASK - The Rain Maya Collection
PINK LIP MASK - The Rain Maya Collection


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When your lips need an extra boost of TLC, use this mask to hydrate and rejuvenate your lips in just 15 minutes! This mask hydrates by infusing a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other goodies into your pretty pout.

1 pink collagen lip mask 

What's inside:

aqua, glycerin, propylene glycol, collagen, glyceryl stearate, trehalose, mica, rose extract, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, silt, phenoxyethanol


Aside from offering deep hydration, this product has many benefits like:

Treating dry, chapped lips and fine lines                       Creates full-lip appearance                                       Smoothes fine lines, wrinkles and creases  
Hydrates and softens lips 
Firms skin around lip area
Treats dry, chapped lips 
Moisturizes skin above and below lips  
Reduces signs of aging  
Rejuvenates the lips


Shake well before use

Apply a patch test on your inner wrist or elbow for at least 2 minutes

(In rare case of irritation, wash area clean and do not continue the use of this product)

Thoroughly clean skin with warm water before applying lip mask 

After open the lip mask, take it out and use mask immediately

Apply the lip mask & smooth the mask gently to ensure a good contact with your lips

Wear the lip mask for about 30 minutes

Then remove the lip mask gently and throw away

Smooth excess moisture into lips or wipe away

Use 2-3x a week for the best results 


PINK LIP MASK - The Rain Maya Collection